Elegro White Label: Boost Your Brand In A Pro Way

Announcements / February 4, 2019 / Comments: 0
White LAbel

Looking for advantageous technologies that could make your company more competitive, eh? If so, Elegro team is there to lend support to your business. Our White Label program allows to slap your brand’s name on the A-grade FinTech products developed by Elegro experts. Are you ready to make your brand look like a million bucks? Well, use branded technologies then!

Coin Vaders have turned to the bright side

It looks like Elegro’s advanced techniques in payment processing are getting popular among modern FinTech-related companies. As a result, the companies join our White Label program to boost their brands in a pro way.

One of the lucky fellas is Coin Vaders. The new-age finance-related company aims to make money management a bit easier for both cryptocurrency owners and “oldschool cash” fans. From now on, the Vaders can take advantage of Elegro’s experience implemented as a set of their own FinTech products. The set holds three items.

  1. Crypto Wallet. A wise solution for those business owners and individuals who appreciate user-friendly payments. Real-time payments in fiat and crypto, instant crypto-fiat/fiat-crypto exchange, safe transactions are included. The wallet is available as a web client and a mobile app which means you can use on any device.
  2. International Wire Service. We’re sure you know that international wire transfers are often very expensive. With this in mind, Coin Vaders decided to rely on a relevant Elegro’s solution and come up with their own money wiring tool. As a result, forward-looking businesses get one more reliable option to send money abroad.
  3. Crypto Exchange. Suppose, you want to trade Bitcoin or buy P2P cash for fiat for years to come. With Elegro technologies, you can do it within a proprietary wallet solution with no need to visit third-party exchanges. Coin Vaders know it too well. That is why, they use the advantage of the proven concept to offer their customers with a natural opportunity to buy/sell crypto for fiat and vice versa. In other words, with a new exchange service, empowered by Elegro, you can trade crypto without middlemen. Fabulous, isn’t it?

White Label

White Label: a fast way to your brand success

Just like Coin Vaders, more and more business around rely on “someone else’s” technologies to keep things going. Tell you what, they are absolutely right! As a business owner, you have at least one firm reason to use solutions branded to your company.

White labeling helps you build client loyalty. In most cases, branded products can boast of high quality and professional support. Every time your clients use the white labeled solutions with your brand attached, they will associate the solutions with convenience and quality.

Saving money on service quality is not that special idea your business should mind. Pay a bit extra to get easy-to-integrate products developed and tested by specs.

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