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News September 21, 2018

On September 20, the US SEC announced their proceedings on the rules changing for Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) launch. Investment company VanEck and cryptocurrency startup SolidX presented the EFT. If […]

ELEGRO Ecosystem September 21, 2018

Niko Technologies company built a unique ecosystem which is formed with its in-house developed series of products (Elegro Retail, Elegro Gateway, Elegro Wallet, Elegro Wires, Elegro Exchange). The combination of […]

News September 20, 2018

Bitcoin Core released an update for their web client. New product version can presumably fix a DoS vulnerability bug. The bug was reported anonymously. They say, it could affect the […]

fidality (1)
News September 20, 2018

In the light of Fidelity Investments CEO’s address to the Boston Fintech Week conference, the company is about to release a few blockchain-based cryptocurrency-related products by the end of the […]

How Blockchain is going to change your life
Blockchain September 20, 2018

Innovative technology Blockchain has unique opportunities of functions almost in any area of society. Its distinctive feature is the organization of the process without intermediaries. In 2008, blockchain technology formed […]

Nasdaq wants to taste cryptocurrency trading
News September 19, 2018

It looks like cryptocurrencies have a chance to enter the stock market as full-fledged players. Recently, Nasdaq, the world’s second-largest stock exchange, announced its intention to acquire Cinnober. The reason […]

News September 19, 2018

Ripple has developed an innovative product xRapid. Its main function is to accelerate international transactions using XPR coins as an intermediary currency. That is, a currency for transferring will be, […]

Cryptocurrency in everyday life
FinTech September 19, 2018

Did you notice how popular became cryptocurrencies? 2017 was the year of the crypto boom. According to public information more than 20 millions crypto wallets were registered at the end […]

Cryptocurrency in your pocket
FinTech September 19, 2018

Your head was visited by the idea of cryptocurrency,      their profitability and easy retrieval. You have been reading information about how this or that got rich on the bitcoin course […]

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