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blockchain improves the supply chain
Blockchain April 4, 2019

Howdy, folks, and welcome to the great “Hall of Mirrors,” also known as the global supply network. Hope, you’re in the mood for a new story about P2P technology adoption. […]

ELEGRO Ecosystem April 2, 2019

No doubt, everyone has heard about blockchain technology having a high potential for banking, insurance and finance spheres. But the reality is that blockchain is widely spreading across many industries […]

ELEGRO Ecosystem March 28, 2019

Everyone who invests in cryptocurrency needs a place to securely store, send and receive coins. A crypto wallet is just what you need to efficiently manage your digital assets. There […]

why financial compliance is important
ELEGRO Ecosystem March 21, 2019

Financial compliance and risk management has become the cornerstone of banks, financial institutions, and businesses. Although market players differ in the way they run, they have one thing in common: […]

Blockchain March 11, 2019

Some may say, this whole world is going crazy. No matter where you step, somebody’s talking about decentralized technologies and opportunities they offer. Blockchain adoption is everywhere, indeed. These days, […]

27.02.2019 post
News February 27, 2019

Cryptocurrency is a new-age type of digital money evolved to meet the demand for quicker decentralized payments. Offering a new way to make cashless transactions, it became a main credit […]

bank the unbanked
News February 21, 2019

Some of you, guys, may recall our blog story about the value money can buy. Yep, all we need money, alright! Now, here’s another news for you: crypto cash can […]

Mimblewimble Technique
News February 20, 2019

At the entrance to the crypto world, everyone can see a “signboard” informing about coming to a highly anonymous and private place. But is it actually so? The one fact […]

News February 15, 2019

The US-based bank, JPMorgan Chase has just introduced its own cryptocurrency, JPM Coin. The institution also revealed the plans to run tests on the coin which came as a surprise […]

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