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News February 5, 2019

More and more financial experts agree on the necessity to regulate cryptocurrencies. This is because anything unregulated and unregistered in the financial sphere usually causes doubts and uneasiness. Thus, cryptocurrencies […]

White LAbel
Announcements February 4, 2019

Looking for advantageous technologies that could make your company more competitive, eh? If so, Elegro team is there to lend support to your business. Our White Label program allows to […]

31.01.2019 post
News February 1, 2019

On 4-6 February 2019, the conference on gaming will take place at ExCel London. The event will bring together the international online and offline gaming businesses. Last year, about 33,536 […]

30.01.2019 post
ELEGRO Ecosystem January 31, 2019

Indeedy, buying things online with Bitcoin or popular altcoins is getting one of the most natural things in the world. Modern web presents more and more e-commerce platforms accepting crypto […]

News January 30, 2019

“The inescapable truth in that there are just too many banks in this country chasing too few customers.” — Dick Rosenberg, former CEO of Bank of America You work long […]

28.01.2019 post
Blockchain January 28, 2019

The idea to embed blockchain technologies into our everyday life has been thrilling the minds of enthusiasts for the last 10 years. These days it seems like we’re getting close. […]

24.01.2019 post
ELEGRO Ecosystem January 25, 2019

Elegro team cares a lot about customer data (and money) safety. With this in mind, we’ve created a comprehensive set of tools that carefully protect our customers’ “precious.” Let’s take […]

Bitcoin to cash
ELEGRO Ecosystem January 21, 2019

“Bitcoin to EUR, pronto!” These days, such a request doesn’t seem crazy to forward-looking folks keeping (partly) their savings in Bitcoin and popular altcoins. It’s funny, but things that seemed […]

FinTech January 18, 2019

American professors have pooled their brain power to develop a cryptocurrency capable to process thousands of transactions a second. They expect their coin to gain speeds Bitcoin can only dream […]

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